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::: Woman's Hospital Triplets :::

::: THE DANCE :::

Director:  John Darling Haynes
Producers:  Eric A. Geadelmann, John Darling Haynes, Scott Mayo
Director of Photography:Scott Mayo
Music Supervisor:  Scott Brasher
Editors:  Bobby Garabedian, Kevin Filippini, Scott Mayo
Co-producers:  Joanna Haynes and Bryan Mayo
Narration: Trace Adkins
Running Time:  67 minutes
Genre:  Feature-length Documentary (color)
Medium:  16 mm film and, Beta SP (interviews only, with "filmlook")
Language:  English
Locations:  Louisiana State Penitentiary, Avoyelles Correctional    Institute, Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, Dixon Correctional Institute, Grand Casino, North 14th Brec Gym, Don Turner Boxing Camp, Harrahs Casino, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans Arena; Baton Rouge, LA, New Orleans, LA, Angola, LA, Cottonport, LA, Gulfport, MS, Arapahoe, NC, Jackson, LA, St.
Gabriel, LA, Prairieville, LA
Second Unit Photography:  Bob Perrin
Location Sound:    Jason Sack and Hans van den Bold
Online Editor:  Ernest Robert Savage III
Sound Design and Mix:  David Jewell
Graphic Design: Richard Stevens

The product of alcoholism, abuse, and neglect, Louisiana native Billy Roth was sent to live with relatives at the age of four.  Taught to box by an uncle who raised him for a short while, by the time he was 16, he was boxing inmates at the notorious Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.  Juggled between homes and cities, he disappeared into the world of amateur, and later professional, boxing, while his father slowly drank himself to death.

The Dance is a hypnotic, unflinching look at the past four decades of the remarkable life of Billy Roth, from his amateur and professional boxing victories, to his tireless efforts as a volunteer coach and referee in the Louisiana prison system, to his role as surrogate father to men convicted of armed robbery, manslaughter, and murder.  When he could have given in to self-pity or despair, he used the only tool he had to build a life for himself.  In the process, he has transformed the lives of many, many more.

The Dance combines a visually stunning look inside the country's most dangerous prisons, along with music from world class blues, gospel and bluegrass musicians, and first hand accounts from inmates, former students, and Billy himself, the man thousands of convicted felons call "Pops." One day, he dreams that one of his students will become world champion - to make it to "The Dance."  And it seems that dream just may be within reach.


Country music star Trace Adkins makes his feature film narration debut
Music Supervisor Scott Brasher, an award-winning composer, arranger, and producer, created the original music for "The Dance," assembling a team of world class blues, gospel, country and bluegrass musicians to complement the film?s haunting visuals.  Featured in the film are multi-platinum RCA recording artist, Sara Evans,  Capitol Records multi-platinum artist, Trace Adkins,  legendary guitarist Phil Keaggy  and alt-country favorite / Texas rocker, Jack Ingram


A Film by John Darling Haynes

Photographer/Director: John Darling Haynes
Producers: Thomas Payne, George Buzzell,
John Haynes, Joanna Haynes
Original score: Mike Esneault
Associate Producers: Ted Baldwin Dwayne Dupre
Music: Feufoullet, John Frishberg
Editors: Dwayne Dupre Ted Baldwin, Kris Mcdonald Jarred Coates
Post Production Prod: Jarred Coates, Dwayne Dupre, Ted Baldwin
Graphic Design: Analyn Buzzell

Running Time:37 minutes
Genre:Documentary (color)
Locations: Louisiana

In Search of Coonass and Found a People follows a filmmaker’s journey in discovering the origins of the word “coonass,” and the people it describes. Along this journey one finds a people rich in heritage, culture and traditions.

These hard working people subsist through colorful livelihoods passed down through generations since their arrival in Louisiana during the 1700’s. Alligator hunters demonstrate how to trap their prey, while a family of shrimpers tearfully express their love for a way of life that will soon become extinct. Journey through a day in the swamps with a Cajun crawfisherman and learn about the old vocation of collecting and selling moss. A trip to Louisiana is not complete without loads of beads and food. See a typical small town Mardi Gras (Courir de Mardi Gras) complete with the blessing of the priest and chicken chasing Cajuns.

This story also explores the heroic tale of a people exiled from Europe because of their religious beliefs. These wealthy people, stripped of all of their belongings, found their way to different parts of the world – 2000 of which landed in South Louisiana. Although weary and rejected, they learned how to survive.

This is the spirit of the Cajun people. They are generations of hard working grateful souls who are as spicy as their foods and loving as the warm Gulf waters.

::: WASHING AWAY: Losing
Louisiana :::

Please see sites for complete listing of credits for Washing Away team.


In the Fall of 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita churned ashore and wreaked havoc upon the already endangered coastline of Louisiana. Washing Away: Losing Louisiana tells the stories of six Louisianans and how the storms affected the coastline, their land and their livelihoods. These people share their stories and their knowledge of the larger impacts of coastal land loss on the environment, wildlife, the economy, industry, culture and communities.

The participants include New Orleans chef Leah Chase, the owner of the famous Dooky Chase Restaurant; Errol Domingue, a third-generation sugar cane, rice, cattle and crawfish farmer from Erath; Preston Dore, a shrimper from Delcambre whose seafood restaurant, bar and distribution business were destroyed by Rita. Marlon Horton, a 26-year-old New Orleans East resident, videotaped his harrowing experiences during and following Katrina including the flooding of his home, his helicopter rescue, and evacuation to the Causeway bridge and then to the Astrodome. Also featured are Port Fourchon port director Ted Falgout and Kerry St. Pe, a marine biologist and director of the Barataria-Terrebone National Estuary, a 4.2 million acre area currently experiencing the world’s fastest rate of land loss.

Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon narrates the program, which features music by Cajun performer Zachary Richard, New Orleans jazz singer Leah Chase and the talented Cajun band L’Angelus.


A film exploring the future of Antigua and it's precious resources.


Haynes/Geadelmann Pictures is producing the feature documentary "Kiss The Soldiers. This film chronicles the fate of freedom for European prisoners and American soldiers whose lives crossed in early May, 1945 - when the U.S. Army liberated the Nazi death camp Mauthausen and its sub camps. Against the backdrop of the last year of WW2, the film weaves the personal reflections of liberators with testimony from camp survivors, rare archival footage, never-before-seen photographs, and the unprecedented deathbed confession of the SS Standartenfuhrer Franz Ziereis.


A foundation's effort to build a church in every one of Louisiana's prisons.


A Song in My Heart is a short documentary exploring the aftermath of the most devasting natural disaster in American History- Hurricane Katrina. From the rooftops of the 9th ward to the shelters of Baton Rouge, Louisianans share their hearts and souls about surviving the storm and imagining what their future holds.

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