The fastest growing health crisis in the world isn’t the swine flu, bird flu or SARS. The health crisis sweeping across the United States and around the globe reaches much further, with consequences far more serious and long-lasting. That pandemic is obesity, and it’s growing at an alarming rate. Since the 1970’s, it’s increased by 300%, cutting across all borders and all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. The problem is most serious in Louisiana, ranked 50th among all states in the 2008 America’s Health Ratings, as it has been nearly every year since the survey began in 1990.

Eataimnent LLC of Louisiana will be part of the solution. Eatainment is a production company that develops long and short format digital entertainment and education by leveraging the power of television, the internet and other multimedia tools to families and homes across the country. Eatainment's goal is to create a dynamic interactive world using television and digital media to aid in the fight for our families and their health.

Wish Picture Shows LLC


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