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(starring Nicolas Cage and Fifty Cent)

The product of alcoholism, abuse, and neglect, Louisiana native Billy Roth was sent to live with relatives at the age of four.  Taught to box by an uncle who raised him for a short while, by the time he was 16, he was boxing inmates at the notorious Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.  Juggled between homes and cities, he disappeared into the world of amateur, and later professional, boxing, while his father slowly drank himself to death.

The Dance is a hypnotic, unflinching look at the past four decades of the remarkable life of Billy Roth, from his amateur and professional boxing victories, to his tireless efforts as a volunteer coach and referee in the Louisiana prison system, to his role as surrogate father to men convicted of armed robbery, manslaughter, and murder.  When he could have given in to self-pity or despair, he used the only tool he had to build a life for himself.  In the process, he has transformed the lives of many, many more.

The Dance combines a visually stunning look inside the country's most dangerous prisons, along with music from world class blues, gospel and bluegrass musicians, and first hand accounts from inmates, former students, and Billy himself, the man thousands of convicted felons call "Pops." One day, he dreams that one of his students will become world champion - to make it to "The Dance."  And it seems that dream just may be within reach.

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Nicolas Cage
introduces "The Dance"


Franklin Roosevelt was America’s president when Eddie Robinson coached his first game. Fifty seven years later, Robinson left Grambling State University as the winningest coach in the history of college football. Initially a coach for a segregated society, he has helped football transcend race in America he loves and treasures. Yet institutionalized racial barriers kept Robinson a secret from white America for more than twenty-five years until Howard Cosell did an ABC special on Grambling in the late 1960’s. Outside of the world of sport, white America still barely knows him. In the African-American community, he is very likely the best-known coaching America. He is surely the most beloved.

The Eddie Robinson Story will chronicle Coach Robinson’s life and his time at Grambling in vivid detail. He overcame all those things that might have predicted that it was not possible for the son of a sharecropper and a domestic worker to become a success. He earned a master’s degree, became the president of the American Football Coaches Association, and helped thousands of young boys become outstanding men. More than wins, they may be his greatest legacy.

But as much as Coach Robinson’s film will be about sports, it will be a social history as well. The film is a lens through which viewers can see the challenges and turmoil of the civil rights movement from the perspective of a sports figure who worked the playing fields of a black campus while caring deeply about the stakes and outcomes of the struggle. This film will place the hard-news events of the day in the time frame of the trials of Robinson’s teams of that era.

 The Eddie Robinson Story will stand as a lasting testimony to the work of a true American hero.

Eddie Robinson with Richard Lapchick.


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(From Left: Eric Geadelmann, Billy Roth,
Norm Golightly, Neal Tolken, John Darling Haynes)

Nashville Premiere with narrator, Trace Adkins

Watch "The Dance" Intro

Terry Bradshaw with Eddie Robinson

Coach Robinson in action

Watch a segment of the
Documentary "100 Yards to Glory"
with Howard Cosell.

Several clips pieced together from Robinson speaches, Rights of Autumn documentary, ESPN & ABC's 100 Yards to Glory

A clip from "Every Man A Tiger"
Produced by NBC & State Farm for the 2007 Bayou Classic.

Watch a play from this
National Championship game!

MVP of National Championship Team